21 August 2017

Black marks on the white page

A stunning collection of Oceanic stories for the 21st century. Stones move, whale bones rise out of the ground like cities, a man figures out how to raise seven daughters alone. Sometimes gods speak or we find ourselves in a not-too-distant future.

Here are the glorious, painful, sharp and funny 21st century stories of Maori and Pasifika writers from all over the world. Vibrant, provocative and aesthetically exciting, these stories expand our sense of what is possible in Indigenous Oceanic writing. Witi Ihimaera and Tina Makereti present the very best new and uncollected stories and novel excerpts, creating a talanoa, a conversation, where the stories do the talking.

And because our commonalities are more stimulating than our differences, the anthology also includes guest work from an Aboriginal Australian writer, and several visual artists whose work speaks to similar kaupapa. Join us as we deconstruct old theoretical maps and allow these fresh Black Marks on the White Page to expand our perception of the Pacific world.

18 August 2017

There's a new card in the Mercenary Deck...

There's a new Card in the Mercenary Deck - one Lynx isn't sure if he's happy to see or not. The assassin Toil now wears the Princess of Blood on her jacket and even Lynx would admit she's a woman cloaked in chaos and bloodshed.

Their new mission is to escort a dignitary to the pious and ancient city of Jarrazir - beneath which lies a fabled labyrinth. Having barely survived their last underground adventure the mercenaries aren't keen for another, but Toil has other plans.

Under threat of siege and horrors rising from the labyrinth, even the Mercenary Deck may have to accept that Jarrazir's prohibition laws aren't their biggest problem.

17 August 2017

Silent partner: the graphic novel by Jonathan Kellerman

http://ils.stdc.govt.nz/cgi-bin/koha/opac-detail.pl?biblionumber=72379Jonathan Kellerman is a master of psychological suspense and this ‘harrowing tale of murder and manipulation’ (The Plain Dealer) only gains in power through the art by Michael Gaydos.

Alex Delaware is struggling to keep his relationship with girlfriend Robin Castagna alive when a beautiful face from the past suddenly steps back into his life. Sharon Ransom was Alex’s lover back in the day, until her mind games and increasingly erratic behaviour drove them apart. Now Sharon tries to rekindle old feelings and seek his help with some new troubles. Alex turns her away, a decision he bitterly regrets when Sharon ends up dead the next day.

The official ruling is suicide, but for Alex the case won’t be closed until he finds out what happened.

 Driven by guilt and grief, he plunges deep into the territory he knows best where dark secrets, dangerous fears, and twisted needs prey on hearts and minds. With the aid of his trusted friend, homicide cop Milo Sturgis, Alex traces Sharon’s fatal path through a world of Hollywood high life riddled with scandal, corruption, and blood — where innocence and lives are easily lost.

16 August 2017

A story of grief and hope

What happens when a death occurs within your body, but you survive? Two days after Christmas, law lecturer Hannah Robert, eight months pregnant, was driving her partner and stepkids home from a picnic when their car was crushed by a four-wheel-drive. Hannah's baby didn't survive. 

When Hannah told her story in court, the judge wept. In her struggle to make sense of the personal and legal aftermath, Hannah had to find out what it means to mother a dead child and to renegotiate her own relationship with hope. 

Her powerful story is written with clarity and beauty, shining light on an unimaginably dark event and is, unexpectedly, tempered with life and promise.

15 August 2017

An exploration of love and a breathtaking virtual world...

Collin James is young, creative, and unhappy. A college dropout, he waits tables and spends his free time beautifying the streets of Cambridge, Massachusetts, with his medium of choice: chalk. Collin's art captivates passersby with its vibrant colors and intricate lines--until the moment he wipes it all away. Nothing in Collin's life is meant to last. 

Then he meets Nina. . . . The daughter of a tech mogul who is revolutionizing virtual reality, Nina Lazare is trying to give back as a high school teacher--but her students won't listen to her. When Collin enters her world, he inspires her to think bigger. Nina wants to return the favor--even if it means losing him. 

Against this poignant backdrop, Allegra Goodman paints a tableau of students, neighbors, and colleagues: Diana, a teenage girl trying to make herself invisible; her twin brother, Aidan, who's addicted to the games produced by Nina's father; and Daphne, a viral-marketing trickster who unites them all, for better or worse.

14 August 2017

She needs more than wings and fairy dust...

At the age of six, all Petra wants to be is a fairy princess. But after a playground fall, she discovers she is very sick.

She has a cancer called neuroblastoma.

Petra quickly realises she now needs more than wings and fairy dust - she must become a warrior fairy and fight this.

Petra wrote her story when she was seven. Until the age of 15, neuroblastoma recurred four times. Now 20, Petra wants to share what happened to her so other children and their families won't feel so scared or alone, and doctors and nurses can better understand what their patients face.

11 August 2017

The only thing more dangerous than a lie...is the truth

Josie Buhrman has spent the last ten years trying to escape her family's reputation and with good reason: her father was murdered, her mother ran away to join a cult, and her twin sister Lanie, once Josie's closest friend and confidant, betrayed her.

Now, Josie has settled in New York with her boyfriend Caleb, and that's where she intends to stay. The only problem is that she has lied to Caleb about every detail of her past - starting with her last name. Then investigative reporter Poppy Parnell sets off a media firestorm with a hit podcast that reopens the case of her father's murder and Josie's carefully constructed world begins to unravel. 

She is forced to return to her hometown where she must confront the lies from her past - as well as those on which she has staked her future.

10 August 2017

Thursday book thoughts with Cath...


This lovely book is designed to encourage you to experiment with stitch, fabric and thread to create your own unique textiles. It has over 40 inspiring practical exercises, and a rich and creative exploration of fabric and stitch. The author’s approach to sewing is that it should be fun, and not like a chore or an exam we need to excel in. Her aim is to simply encourage you to pick up a needle and thread and get sewing.

I’m not a stitcher, but love the look, and have often admired mixed media paintings and art journals that incorporate stitching either on the canvas and pages or as part of the binding. Having read this, I’m going to give it a try because, as Elizabeth says, it’s not an exam!

08 August 2017

Look out, Pink Piglet!

Pink Piglet may be the littlest animal in the barn, but his friends know that he is also the bravest. So when a strange new sound frightens Cow, Rooster and Dog, it's up to Pink Piglet to find out what kind of creature it's coming from. 

A beautifully simple text, with great repetition and rhythm that make it an ideal read-aloud story.

Pink Piglet isn't just the cutest animal on the farm - he's also the bravest. So when a strange new sound frightens Cow, Rooster and Dog, it's up to him to find out what it is.

07 August 2017

I don't want that nurse touching my baby...

http://ils.stdc.govt.nz/cgi-bin/koha/opac-detail.pl?biblionumber=163710&query_desc=kw%2Cwrdl%3A%20small%20great%20thingsThese are the instructions from a newborns child’s parents. However when the baby goes into cardiac arrest, Ruth, a nurse of 20 years’ experience does assist. The baby dies and Ruth is charged with negligent homicide. 

I am listening to this book while in the car. It is riveting and Jodi Picoult at her best. The impact of how colour divides challenges my thinking and will stay with me. - Ann-Louise

04 August 2017

New eBooks on Borrowbox!

When People’s Republic Flight 91 crashes in northeastern Ukraine with a U.S. diplomatic agent onboard, U.S. Diplomatic Security Service Agent Raisa Jordan is sent to investigate. The agent was escorting a prisoner home from Guangzhou, China, along with sensitive documents, and it quickly becomes apparent that the plane was intentionally downed. Was it to silence the two Americans onboard?

To avoid a diplomatic incident, Jordan must discover what the Americans knew that was worth killing hundreds to cover up. With Russia deeply entangled in the Ukraine and the possibility that China could be hiding reasons to bring down its own plane, tensions are high.

As international relations and even more lives hang in the balance, Jordan races to stop a new Cold War.

Brilliant. Complicated. Psychopath.

That’s the Four Monkey Killer or ‘4MK’. A murderer with a twisted vision and absolutely no mercy.

Detective Sam Porter has hunted him for five long years, the recipient of box after box of grisly trinkets carved from the bodies of 4MK’s victims.

But now Porter has learnt the killer’s twisted history and is racing to do the seemingly impossible – find 4MK’s latest victim before it’s too late…

The Whitaker family’s Connecticut mansion, Muses by the Sea, has always been a haven for artists, a hotbed of creativity, extravagances, and the occasional scandal. Art patrons for generations, the Whitakers supported strangers but drained the life out of each other. Now, after being estranged for years, four generations of Whitaker women find themselves once again at The Muses.

As Issy martials the family together to restore the mansion and catalogue the massive art collection, a surprising thing happens. Despite storms and moonlight dancing, diva attacks and cat fights, trips to the beach and flights of fancy, these four generations of erratic, dramatic women may just find a way to save the Muses and reunite their family.

 Isabel, Anna, Beth, and Maggie are women who aren’t afraid to take it all. Whether spearheading a pregnancy lingerie company, conspiring to return a husband to his ex-wife, lusting after an old lover while in a satisfying marriage, or trying to balance motherhood and work—they are sexy, determined, and not looking for a simple happily ever after. 

Through punchy, hilarious, and insightful storytelling, The End of Men shatters the confines of society, and more importantly, those we impose upon ourselves. 

Seven years ago, two boys went missing at sea – and only one was brought to shore. The Sandbank, a remote stretch of coast dotted with beach huts, was scarred forever.

Sarah’s son survived, but on the anniversary of the accident, he disappears without trace. As new secrets begin to surface, The Sandbank hums with tension and unanswered questions. Sarah’s search grows more desperate and she starts to mistrust everyone she knows – and she’s right to.

Someone saw everything on that fateful day seven years ago. And they’ll do anything to keep the truth buried.

03 August 2017

Maria's latest listening

I've become such a fan of audio books, especially when I am travelling at night. Music makes me a little drowsy but an audiobook keeps me wide awake and attentive!

I really enjoyed this particular story and it is especially well read by actress June Barrie. The story centers around Hester, Clio, Lucy and Jonah. Hester and Lucy have a past that has been kept a long dark secret but once her son Jonah starts to investigate the history behind his grandfather Michael things become convoluted and complicated.

It's not overly dramatic but has enough little twists to keep the plot interesting and flowing.

02 August 2017

A few words about books from Bee @ Eltham

http://ils.stdc.govt.nz/cgi-bin/koha/opac-detail.pl?biblionumber=72735&query_desc=kw%2Cwrdl%3A%20Daughter%20of%20smoke%20and%20boneDaughter of Smoke and Bone - Laini Taylor

A Romeo and Juliet Love story  - with monsters!

The Glass Throne series - Sara J Maas

For anyone who loves a strong female character, meet Celaena Sardothien. A deadly assassin destined for greatness. A young adult high fantasy series.

Touch - Claire North

With a simple touch, Kepler can move into any body, live any life, for a moment, a day or for years. But after living many lives for many years, Kepler is being hunted...

http://ils.stdc.govt.nz/cgi-bin/koha/opac-detail.pl?biblionumber=128870&query_desc=kw%2Cwrdl%3A%20the%20girl%20with%20all%20the%20giftsThe Girl With All the Gifts - M R Carey

Post zombie apocalyptic. For what would be classed as a zombie novel, it was actually beautifully written; detailed and capturing the loss of humanity in its characters.

01 August 2017

The Leaf Reader (Junior Fiction)

Marnie Wells knows that she creeps people out. It's not really her fault; her brother is always in trouble, and her grandmother, who's been their guardian since Mom took off is . . . eccentric. So no one even bats an eye when Marnie finds an old book about reading tea leaves and starts telling fortunes. The ceremony and symbols are weirdly soothing, but she knows--and hopes everyone else does too--that none of it's real.

Then basketball star Matt Cotrell asks for a reading. He's been getting emails from someone claiming to be his best friend, Andrea Quinley, who disappeared and is presumed dead. And while they'd always denied they were romantically involved, a cloud of suspicion now hangs over Matt. But Marnie sees a kindred spirit: someone who, like her, is damaged by association.

Suddenly, the readings seem real. And, despite the fact that they're telling Marnie things about Matt that make him seem increasingly dangerous, she can't shake her initial attraction to him. In fact, it's getting stronger. And that could turn out to be deadly.
Outsider Marnie begins reading tea leaves for fun, but when basketball star Matt asks for a reading related to his friend who disappeared, Marnie's readings begin to seem real--and potentially dangerous.

31 July 2017

Monday morning book talk with Sarah @ Waverley

I have got into the habit of downloading a book onto my phone using the Borrowbox app. So easy to use!

I love to listen to a book while I go about my boring tasks and when I am driving to work.

My latest download was The River House by Carol Goodman, I have read some books by her before, but this was the first one I had listened to.

It was a fabulous Gothic /Romance/Thriller set in modern day America, but exploring the ghostly connections and goings on at The River House!

Absolutely gripping end and I am still not sure exactly what was going on…

This book is available on Borrowbox.  Chat to one of our friendly LibraryPlus staff if you don't use Borrowbox but would like to!