14 December 2018

Maria reviews Arcadia by Di Morrissey

Lately I am enjoying fiction that goes back and forth between different eras with a mystery and the discovery. Di Morrissey has excelled with Arcadia.

The story centres around Sally and Jessica who were firm childhood friends running wild and exploring all over Sally's parents huge farm named Arcadia. One particular place they would hide and have fun was a remote cave.  Fast foward to 2018 and the adult friends are reunited and naturally explore their childhood ending up in the cave.  There they find a box, with documents, pictures and letter relating to Sally's grandmother Stella.

Stella was a wife, mother and artist in the 1930's married to and older man who was a well respected doctor working during the polio epedemic.

Stella often wanders the woods sketching and drawing so that she can create wonderful paintings that will remain at Arcadia for her descendants to enjoy. A strange happening one night when she stays out too late, a mysterious owl and a horrific sketch laid at her doorstep all have a bearing on the future.  A future investigated by Sally and Jessica - a future with a threat.

I found myself carried away on the journey with Sally and Jessica as they delve into the past with only documents and a map to go by - then the mysterious phone calls start and a voice tells Sally "I know where you are..."   This is a fast paced read, a book you don't want to put down and Di Morrissey creates the landscape and bushland of Tasmania perfectly in words.

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