01 February 2019

My dad's in prison (Picture book)

A sensitive and moving account of having a parent in prison, written from a child's point of view.

Dad's gone away for a while, but I don't understand why. I miss him. 

Children with a parent in prison feel isolated, ashamed - unable to talk about their situation because they are scared of being bullied and judged. They often feel that they are to blame and having a parent in prison marks them as an outcast. Children with parents in prison are: - twice as likely to experience conduct and mental health problems, and less likely to do well at school - three times more likely to be involved in offending - sixty-five per cent of boys with a convicted father will go on to offend.

This sensitively written picture book explores the experience of having a parent in prison from a child's point of view. Perfect for sharing with children, it promotes understanding and provides reassurance.

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